"Not so far into the future, in a small rural area, we see a small nipa hut standing in the middle of a rice field.  Inside the hut is a man peacefully and patiently tapping on his laptop.  A closer look reveals he is playing online poker at Pokerstars.  An Ace of heart  appears on the river giving him a flush with his KQ of hearts that will definitely cripple the chipstack of his last remaining opponent.  For a while he looked outside the window.  The sight of his lush green ricefield with its golden grains bowing on its own weight was enough to clear his head and relax his mind.  In a few moment, the tournament that started hours ago  will soon be his.  He will be back outside to tend as little as possible to his ricefield and vegetable garden that grew mostly by itself.  He remembers almost a year ago, when he won $5000 on Pokerstars'  WBCOOP Best Blogger prize. With a boost in his bankroll and some money he has saved, he finally decided to give up his stable but stressful job at the office and became a "professional online poker player/farmer/gardener".  So far, everything has worked ok for him.  Not that he has not encountered any hardship along the way... infact there were a couple.  But he has learned a lot playing poker and he knows how to manage his resources well.  And he applies in his daily life the same patience he uses religiously at the poker table.  He still has a long way to go but as long as he keeps his head on his shoulder, he knew he will be ok.  A sharp beeping sound immediately brought the man's attention back to his game and he calmly click the 'ALL-IN' buton..."

If I win the $5,000 WBCOOP Best Blogger prize... well, that man could be me!!!