Finally found the strength to play one of my remaining tickets.  I decided to play the Saturday Splash which started 12 mid night my time here in the Philippines.  During the game I was contemplating exactly how much am I willing to shell out in this tourney.  Initial computation shows I can get a minimum of $9 when I finish in the money. So I set $9 as my max rebuy but only if I see a very good chance that I will make it in-the-money, as this tourney is technically beyond my bankroll.

First hand I played I decided to limp.  I hit my top pair on the flop but had a very bad kicker.  I decided to chase my draw after the turn, besides, I thought I was ahead.  Luckily, I hit my draw.  He was actually quite ahead of me and decided to slow play me.  I could have folded if he bet more after the flop.

Second hand I played I smashed into a wall!  But before I called his shove, I did ready myself for a rebuy.

After my first rebuy, I was card dead.  Made another rebuy hoping I would double up and be able to survive until the add-on.  But I was still card dead and soon  my stack was eaten up by the blinds.  I decided to take my chance with my Q3o and shove what was left of my stack against the BB  when everyone else folded.  But no such luck.  

There was still 30 minutes left before the add-on.  And with the current blind level, I thought I would need at least 3 more rebuys for me to reach the add-on period so I decided to abandon the tourney.  I finished 7000th+ I think.

However, I did like the tourney with 15% of the field getting in-the-money and a big payout if you reach the final table.  Maybe I can find similar tourney with only $0.5 for rebuys.