I decided to use my Saturday Micro Ticket as it was scheduled earlier in the evening than Saturday Splash.  Around 6000+ registered for the tourney.  One thing to note about this tourney is that it allows for late registration for two hours after it has started. So I suspect the number of player will not drop until the registration closes, and I was right.

Not exactly sure how players play in this tourney as I have never played this tourney very often, unlike in 10cents 360-player MTT which I mostly play right now.  So I decided to played very tight.  I lasted for around 127 hands into the tourney playing only 8 hands.  I decided to avoid limping of any sort unless the action ends with me which never happened.

First hand I played was TT in the cutoff  which I raised x4, but still got a few limpers.  Flop shows two over cards.  Decided to abandon the cards after checking the flop and the button raised about 2/3 of the pot:

After three more hands, I was dealt KK.  I thought to myself this could end up my tourney early as I don't usually back out with Kings in hand.  And my worst fear happened.  An Ace showed up on the flop.

My mind was already set that he has an ace.  I got recently got busted just like this just a day ago and it was still very fresh in my mind, thus my poor play post flop by minimum raising only.  I decided not to increase the pot anymore until I saw the river and I made my flush.  I knew he made a flush when he bet the river.  I decided to squeeze a few more, luckily for me, he decided to gamble on his Queen.

A few hands later I got QQ but did not paid up much:

My hands were pretty much dry after that.  The following were the last 3 hands I played.  I was beginning to get short stacked.

I was a bit suspicious of the flat call by the big stack guy, so I just limp with my AJo and fold I did not hit any on the flop.

After the TT, I got  A6s which I should have shoved but decided to fold

And with 7-8BB left I shoved my AJo in the small blind... quite hopeful I was when he showed his hand.:-D

Then the 7 appeared on the river    

Well, seven more tickets to go.  :-D

I would like to hear any comments on how I should have played my hands.  Till next time.

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