The game is $0.10 360-Players MTT Turbo.  Field size left 37-40... Bubble time!  I got 5 or less BB in my stack but there are some players with stacks less than what I have.  I am sure to get in-the-money if I sit out this hand, but I decided differently.  There are still 4 players after me.  All except 1 have stacks atleast 3x my stack.  I am pretty sure I will get a caller.  So what?!?  I thought my A8o is good enough to shove my remaining stacks.  I won't get any better hands than that as I am about to get blinded out.  It will be unlucky if I ran into premium hands.  If I will get a caller, I thought he will definitely be playing almost any hands with his stack size.  So I shove.

It was unfortunate though that he hit his 7. I could have doubled up and advanced further into the game instead of settling for just in-the-money position and then get eaten up by the blinds.

I guess my next move is to learn how to use Equity calculator so I can get back to this scenario and really find out if my decision was a + or - Equity.

Would appreciate any comments.  Good luck at the tables and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!