After a long downswing, I finally spiked up again placing a few in-the-money positions and 3 final tables, one of which I placed 1st.  I started my challenge with a $25 bankroll (right after I made my first 1st place finish).  77 games later, this is my standing:

Started: 12/17/2011
No. of Tourneys: 77
ITM%: 12.99
Winnings: $3.95
ROI%: 51.30%
$/Hour: $0.08
Total Bankroll: $28.95

Please note that the stats above reflect my performance after posting my challenge and does not include the first spike.

I am quite short on my target games of 10 per day.  Just averaging about 5-6 games.  ROI of 51% looks promising.  I just hope I can maintain it or even improve it.

Today I made a few adjustments to my game and incorporate some "donkey style" playing early in the tournament to get a good leverage in the tournamnet.  then I switch back to my "tight aggressive" style as soon as I managed to build a very good stack size that gives me a better chance of reaching the final table.  I thought maybe "sacrificing" a few games playing "donk" moves is justifiable as long as I make it deep in the final table in one of the games.  I will try this strategy a few more times and see if it actually works and improves my result.... or today is just another fluke!  It seems playing very tight in such a low level buy-in will not cut it.

Here is my Graph:
360-Turbo MTT

The long downswing actually tilted me.  Forcing me to play out of my game plan.