Played  11 games today of $0.10 360-turbo MTT.  Two made it to the final table.  One finished in 7th, and the other one... FIRST!!!

No. of Tourneys: 24
ITM%: 18.18
Winnings: $6.83
ROI%: 620.91%
$/Hour: $0.80
Total Bankroll: $26.21

I think it will take a couple of games before this spike flattens out. 

Until yesterday, my primary goal in MTT is to make it in-the-money.  That could mean sacrificing a good hand just so I can watch the bubble boy gets eliminated.  Though I did get in the money, usually  there is nothing more to expect after that as I will be left with only 5BB or less... not enough to reach the final table, nor the next money bracket even...

So I made a few adjustments to my strategy.  I tried to follow MTT Course tips on Bubble play found here in PSO.  Never just settle for in-the-money position.  For 360-turbo, 28th-36th is $0.24.  I did my best to shove my stack if I really have a good hand, even if I knew that I will be in-the-money if I fold that hand because a player will be eaten up by the blinds.  My goal is to double up to a safe position.  But when I doubled up and moved to 12th-20th position with less than 50-60 players, I play tighter again.

Final table is a bit different as there is a big jump in the prize money even if just one player is eliminated.  So before I shove, I look first left and right for players that will already be blinded out. and decide if it is better to fold.

During heads-up, I also did my best not to play tight as I always did.  I probably played 80-90% of my hands during heads up and even raised with poor hands.  And when I finally got ahead of my opponent, I shoved and shoved a lot.

I guess it is much better to lose 9 out of 10 tourneys as long as you make a deep run on the last remaining game than to win many but very miniscule in-the-money positions, well at least for the $0.10 360-Turbo.

The hand that turned the tide: