Hello there Poker Fans and Good Evening!

My name is Gerry Gervacio and I am from the Philippines.  I've been an amateur online poker player since 2008.  I mostly play Texas Hold'em No Limit, either Cash Games, Sit-and-Gos, MTTs and Tournaments.  It was only last Sunday, while playing in the 2nd stage of 10th Anniversary Giveaway that I have finally decided to embrace MTTs and build my poker career around it.  I tried cash games but the bankroll always plummet.  And always, it is the MTT and Tournaments that revived my bankroll.  Besides, making the final table always give me a sense of accomplishment and tournaments are much more fun for me even though they can be quite tiring.  So from here on, I will be documenting my tournament career and hopefully, in the not so distant future,  you will be reading something about me winning a bracelet in the World Series of Poker! :mrgreen:

But where do I stand right now? 
Well, after finishing 421st in the 10th Anniversary Giveaway Freeroll, my bankroll is up to about $20... hmmm... lot's of work ahead of me... 

Bankroll Strategy?
I have always followed strict bankroll management even when I first started.  50-100 buy-ins is the standard for me.

Games I will be playing?
The deciding factor here is my work schedule. I will start with $0.10 360-Turbo MTT.  The game is fast, takes about less than 3 hours to finish a game.  Good traffic, a new table starts every 10-15 minutes or less.  It won't hurt my bankroll much and I can try to be aggressive.  I can also multi-table, 4-6 the most I can handle.  If time will permit, I will play standard speed games like $0.25 90-players.

As of the moment, I am playing my first  Premier Skill League Qualifier... currently in 23nd,  36 players remain...so Good Luck to ME! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: