Here we go again, another month… Another review.

This one doesn’t look so pretty though. Actually, it’s pretty horrendous! A very bad run of cards and a poor performance from my part.

The worst part is that the swings came in at 25NL and it was hard to recover both financially and emotionally.  I think this month I discovered some Tilt issues that I had and I kind of questioned this whole poker thing if it was something I really wanted to invest so much of my time into and whether I’m even a winning player to begin with! Thanks to PSO I decided to write to Jared Tendler who, in case you didn’t already know, is a top mental coach. You can check the thread in the forum here:

Here’s how the month looked like at the cash tables:

Hands: 39,140
bb/100: -2.67
EV bb/100: -6.04
Net Won: -358.41$
EV adjusted: -649.09$
Tournaments: -37$
VPP Rewards: +150$
Total: -245.41$

I'm glad I got that off my chest now!

Don’t forget, it’s Team PokerStars Online Week and if you havent had the chance to stack a pro yet, you’ve still got 3 days

Here's my lucky hand against DaWarsaw:

So what's up in November?

Apart from doing some review and study, Micro Millions is coming up from Nov. 14 till Nov. 24 with 100 scheduled tournaments. I plan to take part in the event, but I don’t plan to invest too much. I will have to see how well I do at the cash tables the first couple of weeks. The Red Spade Open 55$ event is also scheduled on the 3rd to which I have already earned a seat through an FPP satellite; looking forward for that one. I’m planning to prepare for the tournament the next couple of days by watching some MTT videos here at PSO.

I guess that’s all for now… hoping for some run good in November. Till then, have fun and good luck at the tables!

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