Poker can be a real mean beast! It can haunt you while you sleep, it will eat on your thoughts and emotions if you let it until your crack!

You all know what I’m talking about: Downsings, run bad, bad beats, poor results, etc. Those are all very negative terms that can build up and make you prone to tilt and get you into a viscous cycle of poor results.

Recently, I’ve been going through some serious rough patches that have taken its toll on me. I’ve been disappointed with my results which is making me feel unhappy about my life in general. I left a post in the Ask Jared Tendler thread describing my mental state and the types of tilt I’m prone to, hoping for some insight from the expert. After putting some thought into it, I tried to find the root cause of my ‘mental discomfort’; and I think it boils down to the need to win. If I see good results, I’m happy. If I see poor results, I’m unhappy. Which got me thinking, what if I don’t know my results? That should take away the trigger of the vicious cycle, right?!

Phil Ivey was quoted in one of Bluff Magazine’s articles: “I never have a plan when I go to play. I just sit down and take what the table gives me.”

So really we cannot have any expectation of how our session can go, that’s the nature of the game. It’s a game with incomplete information and luck factor has a good portion of it. And that is something we cannot control. What we control is the decisions we take and how we approach luck. So instead of focusing on results, really focus on every hand and use your poker tracker to mark hands for review instead of continually checking for your results.

Think of it this way, if you have a day job do you continuously check your bank account for your monthly salary?! You just focus on your work and only worry about your salary end of the month.

So seriously, keep your poker trackers minimized and stop feeding the beast!

As always, GL at the tables!


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