Not much can be said about September except that I ran kind of bad in terms of coolers and board runouts. Variance got the best of me at times but I’m very happy to close the month in the green. I just hate a losing month!

I mixed in different stakes between 2NL at times and 25NL, putting in some hands at the regular tables too. Whenever I felt I was card dead or getting coolered I’d just drop down levels to grind out the variance and then move back up when things settled slightly.  I think that strategy works well for me to keep me tilt free and protect my bankroll during downswings.

Here are the results for September:

Hands: 44,912
bb/100: 0.57
EV bb/100: 1.34
Net Won: 43.93$
EV adjusted: 26.93$
VIP Giveaway: 11$
WCOOP Reload Bonus: 100$
Tournaments:  -19.55$
Live Poker: 30$
Total: 165.38$

Not the best performance, but oh well… atleast its positive!


Hand of the Month:

In this hand, I am playing against an aggressive regular who cbets plenty of flops and barells turn a high frequency of the time but gives up on rivers. My intention in the hand was to call flop and turn and check back blank rivers. What happens on the river is the concept of turning our hand into a bluff.

When the villain checks the river, I bet to fold Jx hands that think they have SD value. But villain check raises us. Though this might seem like an easy fold, we yet have to think about what villain is repping. I think their range is capped here, meaning that they will rarely have a strong hand given it's blind vs blind and because most value hands would be betting the river so they won't risk missed value when we check back. However, we cannot call with our hand strength BUT we can raise

Till next time... GL at the tables!

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