As of August, I've had the opportunity to take up three different private coaching sessions. Though I was reluctant at first when I was approached for a coaching session because I think that a winning player does not necessarily have what it takes to be a good mentor or teacher and with coaching comes big responsibility towards your students. But, the feedback I got was both exciting and motivating. The sessions were enjoyable for me and fruitful for the students so I've decided to do this more regularly... and I might as well just put this out there for whoever is interested

My price is cheap compared to the market norm, but that's because my coaching is tailored for microstakes grinders between 2NL and 25NL who have a winrate below 2.5bb/100 and are looking to improve their game and because I think it's unfair for microstakes grinders to pay hundreds of dollars for one hour of coaching.

If you have winrate higher than 2.5bb/100 and looking to improve your game, then I'm not the person for you.

I'm not your hot shot winner, nor your mass volume grinder, but my coaching emphasizes on basic fundementals and is a shortcut to winning poker. I will share with you the knowledge I gained that has transformed me from a losing player to a winning player up to my current 25NL stakes.

Here's a sample of my results


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