For those who don't know me, my name is George Vartabedian; hence my lame screenname 'geoVARTA'

I have recently joined Team PSO as Hand Analyzer and you'd probably find me in the NLHE Cash Hand Analysis forums here at PokerSchoolOnline or at the 6max Zoom games.

I was born on July 25, 1984 in Lebanon, where I currently reside, to a middle-class family of four. My parents put alot of effort, which I am eternally grateful, to provide us with the best education and lifestyle throughout the hardships my country endured. My childhood was as pleasant as I can remember! From an early age I showed interest in video games and different board games specifically Chess. No one in the family had any interest in cards though, and funny enough I was never into playing cards (I actually sucked at it)! I was introduced to Poker in 2008 by a very close friend of mine and I got immediately hooked! We had home games setup each week and we used to play different forms of ‘dealer’s choice’ poker. All that time, poker to me was still a game! A year later, I decided to take poker to a different level. I started going to the local Casino after work and playing on different poker sites during weekends and off the bat started playing 2$/4$ No Limit Hold’em! I blew off some serious money as you can imagine! In 2012, I took Poker really serious. Since then I’ve done alot of study and even had a few sessions of coaching. That helped alot in advancing my game to where it is today, but I still had to build a bankroll if I were to make a living off it! Which brings us to where we are today.

To me, Poker is an opportunity, an escape from the routine life that people live day-in day-out chasing their dreams or even forfeiting theirs to live someone else’s life. I want to LIVE my dream and I am not giving up the opportunity!

Follow me on my poker journey and visit my blog for Poker theory, thoughts, progress reports, rants, and what nots.

~ geovarta

Twitter: @stkd4lifedotcom