Probably most of the people think that best moment has to be a hand, a tournament win or something close to this.

Well until now for me was none of this, even if I had some nice wins since I am playing.

Couple of days before writting this I just busted for the 50 times probably my entire bankroll and had 0 dolars in my account. And I took a brake in playing and I started to analyze what is wrong. Checked my stats comparatively to other player that are making money and discovered I have better ones. Now the confusion in my head was even bigger ... "What in the world is going on?". Talked to my friends, analyzed again ... is the buy-in, is the umber of tournaments played. Until 3 days ago when I started to read over the internet about the bankroll management. I discovered that I need 40 buy-in in order to play a torunament. When I checked my history of playing (ty pokerstars for providing this so fast) I realized I have never made this. I played all the time somewhere 10 buy-in and as soon as I was winning some more money I jumped to try play big tournaments like big22, big55 and saunday milion ... BIG MISTAKE.

Now I realized that the most important thing in poker, if you want to make money out of it is to play in your bankroll and I consider this moment being my best moment until now or if not my best absolutely the most important moment, because now I decided no matter what to play in may bankroll.

If you have the same experience like me and you have good numbers but you don't  make money take into consideration what I wrotte and check your bankroll management. It might help .