I like the stats-feature, i really do. but theres a lot off thiings i dont understand the meaning off. this wiould be a because off me being norwegian and that i struggle with some technical english.


the courses i more or less has given up. having hd no problem with the quzes during the course itself, its the final test i just cant get right. guess i tried about at least 50 times on mtt and stt. so im a failure. a big failure, failure, even tho i believe have gotten to be a decent pokerplayer, i do good in STT and cash games, but the quizes are haunting me.


back to the stats. there are some stats i have absolutely no idea what they mean or show or tell me what to improve. cause thats the main reason for having those stats, right? any place i can check out my stats in a way that explains how to improve certain part of the game? i dont need no stats if its only going to tell me what part of the game im doing good, and what part of the game im doing very bad without helping me improve. i know i can get of much help by attending training seesions. but timezones are a major problem here, living in europe most sessions are at 4 am or 5 am. bad timing, if you like.

im not so ito all those promotions giving away tickets, have you guessed why yet? they mostly ask you to pass a quiz.

well, some day i will update my blog. again...