Poker hasnt made me a better person. Poker hasnt made me go out marching and banging on drums. Dont feel like a parade is in place. Poker hasnt made me care more for bugs. I still kill them. In fact i care less, my top priority is poker. Theres a shitload of things poker hasnt done for me. Or done me in for.

Poker has made me more systematic. Organized. In real life not just when it comes to poker. Since i strted playing sowhat serious a few months back, things have changed.
At the beginning i played a lot (i mean a lot) of freeroll to get practice. Meet all kinds of players there. But all these freeroll has to be keep tracked on. Calender. Its unbelievable, but i have started using a calender.

When im gonna do laundry i always analyse in deepth what clothes go first, top clothes first.
When im gonna do the dishes, important things first, in case i get bored of doing the dishes.

I have a smalll living room. But its big enough. And poker made me upgrade the "office"area - area 51.
Poker also did wake my passion for webdesign, sarcasme/irony, my opinions on the world. And the neighbours (dont tell them). So i had to start building a site. Blog, discussion about life. My drawingboard came yesterday. The site are far from ready. And still only in norwegian, but if the site get some users, i will have a section with the same content in english. This is thanks to poker.

Poker has learned me how to keep appointments. Calender.