Born and raised in Norway, currently living Fredrikstad.

Have to admit im new to poker, have played occationally from time to time, but just recently i actually figured i wanna learn how to play good poker and not just use it as a way to pass time.

For about 2 months i played all i could find off freeroll (probably signed up at 8-10 diff sites). Reason for this simple. Practice. Discussed this strategy with some nice fellow at table once. The opinions where divided, some for and some against. I understand both sides argument well. And i love getting inputs from others, both experienced and newbies.

One of main reason i have chosed to stick to freerolls for all that time is i said simple, practice. During freerolls you get to play against all sorts off players, new ones, abusive ones, recreationlas, good ones and a few really good ones. I learned not just how to make my strategy, but also other. Which hasent been easy, for the reason i mentioned bout diverisity in players, therefor style. Some players dont have style of play at all. I did tend to stear clear off freerolls with re-buy.  Here you got players going all-in on 7-2, just because they can re-buy. It interupts the game for the rest, i have a feeling thats reason the72's do as they do. (lets call em 72's), they probably has another name but i dont know) Positive; prctise/experince

Now a days i play a mix of tourneys, cash and SnGs. Its the SnG which makes a few cents.  And joind a couple off clubs. Makes me feel more like a real pokerpleyer now) Anf have to admit as painful, humiliating, degraceful it is. I have problem passing the poker assesment quiz!!! Makes me feel like turtle. I studied the courses over and over again. Does this make me studpid?