I have spent a considerable amount of time recently studying the game. Reading articles, watching videos, reading Blogs, consuming everything I can. This has opened my eyes to the harsh reality of the road ahead. I love playing poker. So I'll be grinding til the day I day.

     For some reason I onced believed that at some point I would get "good enough" to win most of the tourney's I enter. LOL. Now I realize that I am going to go through long spells of losing. There is just no avoiding the guy that goes all in with 93o when I'm holding AA. Of course you know the flop will almost always be 999 or some frustrating variant.

     What I have learned IS that as my game improves and I play with an eye toward the final table my ROI will improve as will the amount of times I place in the money. Donkey's will always frustrate me but they are the ones who will increase the prize pool and douuble me up for me biggest wins. I keep this fact in mind as I play so as not to be frustrated.

     One piece of advice I will share is: play for the final table, the payouts are the best and ITM is just your buyin back which feels good but is really just a slap after all the time it takes to just get there.

See you at the final table, good luck...