Poker.  A game of skill or luck?  Answer is both.  My recent PSQL tourney luck had gotten sooo bad.  Just 30 mins ago I got knocked out.  My first few hands were AQ, TT, TT then QQ.  I won the AQ, lost TT, lost TT again and then with 1200 chips I hold QQ.  No, I didn't shove.  I'm in the cutoff and to my right is a raiser.  120 he bets, I raise 240.  Call... flop comes, 2,6,9 rainbow.  Perfect eh?   He checks, I bet 400, call.  Turn is a Jack.  He goes all in, I call.  He holds AK.  River is an Ace.  I'm out 129 of 151 or something.  How should I have played that, hand #4 in the tourney?  Luck is key.  Skill gets you to the rable, luck wins you the game.


GCue out.