after just two days of play i was climbing and scratching my way up the ladder rankings here at the PSO. Everything was set in play and the wheels were rolling I was able to play in 3 tournaments today and 3 yesterday. After not playing much at all this month, which was not in my plans, I finally got the chance to beable to play, After my birthday the other day I was suprised with a laptop in which to play at my leisure not having to be somewhere there is a internet connection or finding time to be on the network when someone else isnt using the computer, well I ran deep into 2 tournaments on Day 1 winning one PSO tourney and on Day 2 i came out and played well in the first tournament but fell shy of the money, when my pocket aces ran into pocket nines and a nine flopped, ouch, busted, Ok so the Second tournament of Day 2 was much better thus making the money in fact coming down to just 4or 5 tables and seating me with Bigman who I played heads up fot the win the previous night, in fact there was a hand where Bigman called a raise and I held the AJ off. I folded because I was caught off guard for a moment and off my game, same thing happened latter in the next tournament didnt want to be in a situation where we all held a ace, and I was behind a bigger ace or pair with no ace to come so i folded and Bigman had A8 the raiser all in had A4 i folded AJ and the flop came KQT. I couldnt believe the mistake I made. It costed me later when I was moved tables and went all in with pocket eights and my oponnent flopped AQ for two pr busted out but made the money and the pts , thus propelling me another 35 pts to land somewhere now in the 1650 range, or higher with one tournament left to go on the Day that im already playing in and playing deep again , thus giving me a chance and I feel where I can make the money again score another 35 pts or better and cliimbing into the 1700 ranking and yesterday I started below 1500. With this Im even more eager now to find the time tools and ability to play and climb a bit higher. Well it can happen right? Im upset when in the last tournament of Day 2 the third game i was in, with only 498 players to go and I have about 5500 in chips in the top 100 being patient and waiting to make the money again when I lost focus and did something I knew better than, when I think of it I got in my own way and was my worst own enemy. I called the big blind with KTo and the board came Ten high with both the blinds and one other caller I was familiar with the players in preflop and well I checked and so did everyone else. On the turn a 7 came still smaller than the Ten high board I watched everyone check and well because Im just a amatuer yet the blinds all the callers all this money in the pott late in this tournament I fired all in after multi tabling coming back to screen from another room and typing with friends and playing and that board turn and river made a str8 for his 57off in fact when I didnt make a move preflop on the flop and just on the turn I missed what the other cards on board were, I just knew my Ten high was still top pair and so mistakenly i called got put out of the money the pts the 1700 and all. But my fellow poker players novice to amatuers it is possible to climb the ladder and in a short period of time but I would suggest you play at your very best have some time and resources for it eat your daily vitamins and put on your thinking cap, and I believe you can make it ahead of the majority , play your A game and keep your focus this is really important, in order to finish you can play deep into tourneys all day but to make the final you will need to keep your focus the whole time 100% good luck at the table and in life.