This is my first blog btw..

Last night I started in an open league tourney with my current leaderboard rank at 2500 or so. At the same time I entered a Razz freeroll while i waited. 7500 entered the pso and 1500 entered the razz.

64 would get the tickets and by the time there was 140 left in the razz i had around 20,000. I dropped a little but as the bubble came close i became card dead and making a lot of bring ins. At 72 i was ranked 58 going up and down. There was then 67....66.....65. I was ranked 60 and had double what the 61 had. My table was very aggressive and i knew if i entered any pot that wasnt premium i could easily go out in the bubble. Then the 65 went all in. It took about 3 minutes for the hand to finish. The lower stacks quickly went out after the bubble and i came in 55th!

As all this was happening I was doing pretty well in the pso tourney and i came in 311th. The next morning i checked my rank and the 311 finish put me in the top 2000. My best night yet for accomplishments. My 2 goals for the summer were completed but i still had to hold on to my spot in the league.

My goal now is to get to the top 500 or just stay in the top 2000. Good luck to all and thanks for reading!