Before I redeposit the amount I had withdrawn, its time to test myself and build some confidence back on the very table; where I started to play; when I first learned this game months back i.e. MicroStakes & MicroBuyIns 0.25$ slow/Regular speed SNG



What Did I do on Break - Yay! Play Money

It was fun to take a break and play on PlayMoney Tables during tilt. One thing is for sure, PlayMoney strategy is completely different from normal games. I won't say its waste of skills to play over there(Because it not). Well, in any form, it was indeed a poker game and even there you have to think as per the way your PlayMoney Mates play. Due to lack of standard play, its certainly a challenging task to keep eyes open and read oponents.

No Doubt! We have lots of fun loving players over there, who were cool to go all in 27 off suit at stakes of 50k/100k blinds on cash table & yup! unlike offensive chats(one of the reason of my tilt) on real money table, its cool & very friendly time on those tables. Made some friends & had some fun & now its time to be back.

Few Micro buy-in tournament & Freerolls!

While on break, I had some games on priviledge freerolls. Made about 6$ from 9 tournaments I Played (Almost finishing into the money ). While I am on tilt, I am still bit out of patience. So, I thought to restore my balance by risking less and take a step back on 0.25$ S&G and just enjoy the game. Played 5 of them today. Made into the money twice will little rewards of 1$ total, but its worth of every time I spent. Probabily because, it helped me to increase my confidence in me saying, Yes! You are cured.

Utilizing my FPP and VPP:

Had been silverStar last month, so used the VIP status to play on CardsChat 1K freerolls and made another 10$ with my total bankroll of 19$.

Played BigBang Tournament. Got Busted out on bubble. Still it was fun. Game was slow and perfectly like the one I always want to play. Thank You very Much PSO for Providing me a ticket


I know tilt is over when it shows on my bankroll. After losing 450$ total in numerous games, I was left with 3$. While on Break I made few via freerolls and currently my bankroll is 18.5$. Still, I am going to practise more on 0.25$ SNG for 1 more week before I shift to the Bread & Butter of my Bankroll i.e. Fifty50 (I Miss it; really. Hard to control my temptation for that table )

Unlike previous month, this time, I will be playing to free myself from every mental obstruction & have some fun for a week --- Planning to redeposit when I am done with fun & ready for serious game!


Thanks For Reading

Regards, GJ

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