Finally! finished rank #1 in three rounds of satelites 1, 2 and 3 of world biggest weekly poker event Sunday Million in row and will be playing - The Main event today. *My Dream*



I once had planned that one day, I will give my 100%, learn poker the best way I can and will buy a 215$ ticket for worlds biggest weekly event - Sunday Million; But never thought - that very "one day" will come so soon and with a very cheap price by winning satelight #1, #2, #3.


In my Previous Blog I wrote about how unskilled FPP satelights are. While Setting my mind to not to play those FPP satelites ever again, I didn't gave up on sunday million. I started with $0.50 buy-in and made my way across slow satelites with more chips to play where I can experiment take risk and plan accordingly with less luck factor involved & Yo! Finished #1 in all the three.

Satelite Round 1: My Finsihing Rank #1

It was 0.50$ buy in satelite where 1100 players competed. With all the all ins from all sides in the starting, I had to hold my breath and play low stacks and save myself from those stupid all ins & while before the bubble, I loosened up myself and my previous knowledge of reading oponent helped me to guess - what standards of cards do they have and how do they react when they bluff and I went ahead and finished Rank #1

Satelite Round 2: My FInishing Rank #1

With the oponents this time were a bit more tough and a bit more hard on me but still traded my way. Due to less oponents, It was easy to manage the moves and play variety of hands without commiting to the pot and here as well, I finished Rank #1.

Satelite Round 3: My FInsihing Rank #1

Being true, this was the toughest one, not because of more tougher oponents - Because of unlimited rebuy & huge add-ons and probabily also because most of the oponents had paid for this satelite so, it was a mix of players. In the starting I exploited weak oponents and played safe with aggresive ones. In the middle, I lost all my stacks (Bad Beat) but slowly build it again and till I reached bubble, I had the maximum stacks. Using my huge stacks as a weapon on lower stacks players, when the blinds were 50k/100k & Ante was 10k, My 2,500,000 chips helped me to get control over the situation and it was very cosy play for me. All I had to do is avoid mistake and take advantage of others mistake; seems like I have got used to play under 20 Big Blinds

Sunday million sat final round #1


Now, I will be playing my dream match sunday million today. I have worked hard since 3 days by playing the satelites and this is the time when I have to give my 100%.

I have few 6 more tournaments today where I got selected via satelites but due to online office work on few software project, I will unregister from all other satelites and will focus only on sunday million.

ANNOUNCEMENT: If I win sunday million today, I will donate 30% of my money to relief and development of people in Uthrakhand, India where about 45,000 people died due to natural disaster.

(I am sure, I want to win this satelite more than anyone in todays tournament, because When playing those three days via satelite for this main event, this is all I wished for)

Right now at this very moment, I am not dreaming of money, I am not dreaming to be on . Only & only thing I wish is that I give my 100% today...and use all the knowledge & skills, I have acquired...


Thanks For Reading!