Wining few tourney like Hubble Freeroll, Sunday WR Sat, Sunday Million Satelite & finished second 2nd in India Neteller Freeroll with $75




Sunday Million Sat: Well, In my previous post, I talked about sunday million satelite being worthless, Well, Yup! You need luck but after spending 12 FPP, It worked for me finally and I am on for it this sunday

Hubble Freeroll: Another good winning I had was Hubble freeroll; finished 9th. There were 74 entries, so I won't take it much on my skills.(Would have loved it had I been in top 5)

India Neteller Freeroll (Regional): I must say, when you play with your country men and you win? Yup! That gives you a recognizition & a will to move ahead. Won India neteller freeroll. Prize Pool was quite average but finishing 2nd was the thing which made me feel good. Thought to take a screenshot for this blog. Check it out:

Result Chart, India Neteller Freeroll - 2nd Series

In 1st series, I was out in level 2 with few all-ins on my poket aces pre-flops where villan made a straight ultimately in the end leaving me short stack with 200 chips enough to be bust out by anyone. This time I did get KK but as the beginners went ahead with all-ins, I knew, I had a good hand but I folded.(More than 4 players with all ins - Tragedy of Freerolls)

Well, I will say "My Skills Have Improved" only if; I keep my growth uniform for next two weeks(i.e. 1 month). Till then, I would just like to drop a thanks to all of you who replied to my post in forums & analysed my hands Specially John a.k.a JKW24.Check out the very forum post . Ultimately, Thanks PSO & all of you. This is a great community who helped this new player a lot. Thanks

Changes in Skills: One of the major development I found in my game play when I applied the strategy by Dave. (The recording of his live training session - Commitment Decision)

His strategy made me play presure free and on every hand I played, I knew what to do and how to progress. I must say, if you haven't watched this video, you are missing a big part of learning process. Highly recommended for average players.

The best part of his slide was "Chicken was involved but Pig was commited"

And With a wish that I find few more interesting videos like this one, I will end this post expressing my deepest gratitude to dave for posting this amazing theory, which actually works!


Thanks for Reading!