I am sure many of you will disagree with my views, but using my free independant speech as a poker blogger, I am expressing:




#1: if such satelites are even worth paying?

#2: This is my personal views and not on behalf of PSO or any home or private clubs.

#3: I love PokerStars


Dear Readers:

What is the purpose of sunday million FPP buy-in satelites?

I think, to provide an opportunity to low stakes players to try their skills to play their way through satelites and get in to the weekly biggest tournament i.e. Sunday Million.

Now with chips 200 & speed hyper, are they even worth playing?

Yes, if you have all the luck in the universe & don't worry about skills, you won't need them; Because even if all-ins helped you to trade through Road #1, you will need all those gods blessings in rd 2 and rd 3



Whats the idea behind:

The buy-in is these satelites are FPP, which you can consider as "PokerStars Rakeback Offer". Now, although FPP doesn't has any cash value directly but indireclty they do. So, if PokerStars really need to feed sunday million, why shouldn't they either increase the amount of chips or decrease the speed?

Reason is psychological. If that will be the case, new players who find FPP as a great way to spend in tournament will be discouraged from trying such tournaments more than twice or thrice. (Most of the experienced players with low FPP usually ignore these satelites)

If you are a recreational player, no doubt its fun to try & see these tournament ending in just 3 minutes


If you love your FPP, gain some cash by recent FLHE FPP tournaments and try for direct satelites of $3.50 for Sunday Million & if you are rich enough or earned a poker bankroll, Yo! direct buy-in for $215 for sunday million is availble for you as well

(You can try online poker show freerolls as well via PokerStars.tv)


Thanks For Reading!

Regards, GJ