Making 50% profit on tournament buy-in in Fifty50 is quite easy and thats how I build my bankroll but today, it took a jump of 35% on my total bankroll with $107. prize money won in one single tournament.




You can say, It was luck in the last hand of tournament with four of a kind; embeded below:

Well, Without bragging much, I have survived in top 5 in 27 out of 34 Fifty50 Tournaments I have played i.e. with a success rate of 80% and increased my bankroll today by 123.78:

Screenshot: Tournament Buy-In $30.00 NL Hold'em [Speed:Turbo, Fifty50]

Today I played 2 tournaments:

Profit in 1st tournament buy in $15: 16.05

Profit in 2nd Tournament buy in $30: 107.73 

Total Increase Today: 123.78

My Yesterdays Bankroll: $284.25

Current Bankroll: 284.25+107.73 = 408.03

Total Increase on my deposit of $50: 716%

Started Playing real cash: 23rd June


Most secure way to play Fifty50 is to play it Tight & aggressive (By the Book)

But today, I thought to take some risk and made a good increase over all. WIthout increasing my level, I am going to practise here at 15$ & 30$ buy in for next few months to have enough bankroll to securely play in higher stakes with Bankroll management.

Hope everything goes as planned...Lets see,


Thanks For Reading!

Regards, GJ