"If cards were like human, we wouldn't have to dump a good one."



Today is my 30th day since I started learning poker and 12th days of real money poker -- But To be true, Making a total profit of about 433.55% profit wasn't a very easy thing to do. I started with a bankroll of $50; took it to $465 and then back to $150 and then up again to $284.25 (At Present).


But what inspired me most?

The time when I fall down from $465 to about $150. It made me nervous & I started to doubt myself. In a due course of frustration, I posted on the PSO forum this very thread, requesting hand analysis. And our wonderfull Hand analysis expert(ChewMe1) pointed out one important mistake in my game play i.e. Pre-Flop.

My Great Blunders:

1. Not Betting the Right Amount: With good starting hands, I used to call the equivalent amount of big blind and such a strategy of mine used to get exploited. You can say that, I was playing No-Limit Texas Hold'em but was betting like a player in fixed limit. Due to which I was easy target of isolation play & my hands which were powerful in the beggining lost its strength after I allowed more than 3 players to enter the pot.

2. A Tight-Passive Play In tournament: By this method, I used to reach into top 100 of tournament but in top 100 when most of the player are highly experienced, My strategy of Tight-Passive play used to show me easy way outside of tourney or I had to be real lucky to get into top 10.

3. Blinded by AK: Thats right, Statistically AK is the most over played hands in all variants of poker. We sometimes lookup at AK as something as poket pair but its nothing more than a drawing hand which needs to be improved. I had been lucky several times but I would admit that I have been blinded by the charms of AK as well and over bet the pot several times.

4. Not Aware of Tournament Structure: I may have won several Sit & Gos of $0.02 buyins but that was luck and if it wasn't I would make myself belief that it was. May be it would help me to focus on improving myskills. I finally noticed, how important is it to to be aware of:

A. When does the blinds increase?

B. When does antes kick in

C. And When you should know: how many chips are there in tournament?

D. And how much you must have; to play comfortably at final table.


What I did today?

For Bankroll building: Today I played three SIngle Table Tournaments $15 buy-in Sit&Go; Fifty50 and topped twice and got at second place place making a total profit of $65. Hopefully we will be silver star soon

For Enjoyment: Played at Poker School's Open Skill League and got into under 300 and then ante's were too hard on my chips

Some Serious Tourney: Had some play at first depositors, 100K previledge Free Rolls, its was tough to play at office.  (Thanks to PokerStars android apps), Still Finished 806th rank and earned $0.60

Satelite winner & Tomorrow or upcomming tournament schedule:

Sunday WR (via Hubble Freeroll)

India Netteller Freerolls (For Indian Players)

Seoul Poker Tour Phase 1 Satelite (For Asian Players)

Step 1 (Via Online poker Show freeroll at PokerStars.tv)

Micromillions (via FPP satelights 001, 002, 005, 098 )

Big Bang (A very Thanks to PSO for giving me a ticket to Big Bang Tournament)

__________________________________________________ ____


Well, Concluding myself today with one thought that I am happy that I folded starting hands like pocket Aces   thrice and tried not to get involved in all-ins. I could have won 2 out of those 4 hands but I prefered to continue and build my chips slowly and not by all-ins. As in future hands, I will get opportunity to snatch the chips back from those "Mr. pre-flops all-ins players", when Antes kick in & blinds get high. So, Untill then - Peace & patience - remains my strategy


Introspectively; I am Ending this post with a quote:

"The greatness of poker player doesn't signify how he plays his good cards but when & how he convinces himself to play his trash cards and fold a good one."


As always, Thanks for Reading!

Regards, GJ

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