A couple of years I played in the $335 Super Satellite to Main event to the Majestic Star Challenge at the Majestic Star Casino in Gary, IN. To set the set the scene I was sitting Seat 1. Seats 9 and 10 were empty but had chip stacks that were being blinded off until the players showed up. On the third hand of the tourney I am in the small blind. The blinds are $25 and $50 and I think we started with $8,000 in chips. The guy in seat 4 raises to $250. That is a decent size raise it folds around to me and I look down at 55 and figure I will call so I do. The big blind also calls and we take the flop three ways and it comes down A55. Wow I flopped quads, that was the first and only time that ever happened when I am playing live. I decide to check and see if one of my opponents has an Ace. Seat 2 and 4 check. The turn comes I don’t remember what it was but who cares when you have quads. I decide to check again. Seat 2 checks but Seat 4 raises $250. I decide to just call acting like I want to see another card and hoping Seat 2 will also call but he folds. Then the river was dealt and I decide I need to lead at the pot. I bet $500 and he reraises me to $2000. Wow jackpot I go into the tank for a good 2 minutes. Then I announce that I raise to $5000. Then the guy in Seat 4 is just looking at me intently trying to figure out what is going on and I am trying to remain as still as possible. Then the dealer says to me “can I see your tournament registration sheet”? I am thinking couldn’t this wait to a better time but I reach into my back pocket and hand the dealer my sheet without ever taking my eyes off the player in seat 4. He finally goes allin and I snap call. My opponent flips over pocket Aces for Aces full of fives and I have quad fives. I hear a lot of discussion by the dealer and I look over and there is this guy standing there. She has my registration in her hand along with his. Apparently I should be in seat 10 not seat 1. At this point I am literally shaking wondering if they are not going to allow me to keep all these chips. Then the dealer says honey you are in the wrong seat you need to be in seat 10 and moves this massive pile of chips over to seat 10. Then she slides all the chips that were in seat 10 over to seat 1 and turns to the guy standing there and says honey you need to sit there. Then she says it made no difference as to where I was sitting in that I would have had the same hand. I am thinking no it would have made a difference. I played a hand that belonged to the player in Seat 1 and doubled up with it. At this point I move seats and am looking stunned along with the guy now in Seat 1 and the guy in Seat 4. I do feel bad for the guy in Seat 4 with his one green $25 chip but am just hoping the dealer will deal the next hand. I am also hoping no one calls the floor because I do not want a ruling on this. Eventually she deals the next hand and no one called the floor. As for the tournament I cruised to an easy seat in the main event being the chip leader for almost if not all of the Super Satellite. However I went bust in the main event about 10 people away from the money. Looking back at that hand when I showed up at the table I handed my registration form to the dealer. She didn’t tell me I was in the wrong sheet she must have just noticed the 1 like I did and missed the 0. I think the floor would have ruled that it was an honest mistake and would have left it stand the way the dealer ruled since it was a mistake on my part and the dealer. I am glad though that the floor was never called. I was talking to the guy who I doubled up with his chips at break and he was just hanging out in the parking lot smoking a cigarette. He did say that he will never be late to a live tournament again. After that hand I will also try to make sure I am never late to a tournament.