I guess I don’t know where to start so I will start at the end. I made the TV final table and finished in 4th place at the Heartland Poker Tour event at the Greektown Casino in Detroit this past weekend. There were 374 people that started the tournament. It was by far my largest cash ever for $37,985. The details can be viewed at the following link. http://www.heartlandpokertour.com/eventinfo.php?yid=2008&eid=33 I just want to take the time to say thank you to all of you that I have played against on PSO. It definitely would not have happened had I not joined PSO. I have learned so much being a member in the last year and half since I joined. I find the players at PSO really good which has really helped me grow my game a lot. Overall I am real happy with how everything went down at the TV final table without finishing higher. The $162,000 would have been nice but I could have very easily finished 6th for $27,000. The only regret I have is I let out a yell in excitement when I hit a gutshot straight on the river to stay in the tournament. It was against Dean Hamrick who finished 10th in the WSOP main event this year. I immediately said sorry to him after it happened but he shouldn’t be too bummed because he is the one who busted me. It is amazing how the pressure just hits you because I thought for sure I was out. I have never yelled like that in a casino before and will try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. There were really 3 big hands that happened late that were worth mentioning. The first was when we were at the casino final table when there were 10 of us left. I had about 1.2 million in chips and was sitting in seat 10. Pat Meeks who was in seat 4 went allin for about 500,000. Then Jamey Kramer in seat 8 went allin for about 450,000. Seat 9 thought for a long time and then eventually folded. I looked at my cards and saw AA. Wow I looked again they didn’t change so I went allin of course and Dean folded. Pat had Jc 10c. Jamey had KK. Flop comes out Kxx with one club. Turn brings out a second club. River brings out a third club and I finish 3rd in the hand. I look there stunned for a minute, start laughing, and try to shake it off. Jamey goes nuts and starts giving Pat a hard time about going allin with that hand. I don’t think is that bad a play at that point he was really shallow in relation to the blinds. The second hand happened 4 handed on the TV final table. I finally got to the point where I had more chips than Dean and I really wanted to get him out. I am in the big blind for I think it was about 150,000 and Dean goes all in for somewhere around 850,000. Pat ends up just calling although I thought he raised allin. I look down at my hand and have As4s. Looking things over I figure I probably have the worst hand. However I thought I had a little over 900,000 in chips it was actually over a million. Pat and Tony Villano probably have 3 or 4 million each. I have been playing for awhile just ignoring or avoiding them trying to get my money allin against Dean. I start thinking if I go allin and Pat wins the hand I get third and another $11,000. If I win the hand I would have close to 3 million in chips and could actually play for the win. If I don’t play the hand and Dean wins then I am in trouble. Dean will have a lot chips and was playing really well. So I think it over and decide that I have 2 hands against one for $11,000 and am getting close to 3 to 1 on my money and decide to go for the win and I guess I say call. I shove all my chips forward and everyone flips their hands over. Dean AA, Pat 77. Uh oh I am in trouble. Then they stop everything apparently I said call and they need to decide what to do. All the spectators are going crazy standing on the rail and the people in charge of the tournament talk about it a little and then they all leave. I don’t know what they were doing but they were probably reviewing tape and wanted to discuss it without everyone watching. They decided that I said call. I guess they said I flipped my cards over first. Then I start wondering if they are going to call my hand dead since I exposed my cards. Then they decide that the action was a call since everyone exposed their cards. So we all took our cards back and I got 215,000 in chips back. We all flip our hands back over and then the flop came out Axx. So I go allin knowing I have a pair of aces and Pat calls. No 7 comes so I don’t win another $11,000 but I have 415,000 in chips left. It will be interesting to see what all that will look like on TV. The bust hand came when I looked down at KK and got it allin against Dean who had AA. It was a little depressing to lose with KK there but that’s poker and I would not have done anything different. I also look back at the A4 hand with more thought have decided that I would not have done anything different. It was a big gamble yes but sometimes you got to do that in poker. If I had folded I could have easily still come in 4th since they all would have had way more chips than me. It looks like my TV debut will be April 4th. I am not sure if I will be in 2nd part of the show on April 11th since I went out fourth. I guess I will have to find out on April 4th with everyone else if I am still in at the end of the show. I will see you around the tables. Gary