All in all it wasn't such a bad month.

A few strong finishes increased the old bankroll by more than 590%! Wheeee!! Of course being at the beginning of the bankroll challenge again means that with a starting bankroll that small any good performance is going to mean a big percentage increase to the bankroll. I did manage to whittle it down a bit at the end of the month with maybe a few too many tourneys right at the edge of my bankroll limit. I also found mixed success at Omaha and Stud ring games. A couple good enough sessions encouraged me to play more and bigger and that induced some bigger swings too with a swing downwards in the last week.

Also managed to hold on to Premier league status with a couple strong finishes at the end of the month. I'll be writing more about my opinion on how that league works in another post. It's surprising that there is so much support for people who stall, given the claims that people like to play poker. I still have yet to take down a first place finish so that is definitely a goal for this month along with finishing in the top 20. It would be exciting to see more poker than clocking though it doesn't look like that is going to change any time soon.

In fact I haven't been able to win any tournaments yet this year, Premier league or otherwise. I make it past the bubble a lot but don't really do much after that. I'm not sure where I'm weak but I think it's preflop. And then playing too strong after the flop and losing chips trying to take down a pot that I don't really have a good shot at. So my fix I think is I need to start attacking harder before the flop and then if I don't hit anything on the flop be more prepared to back off.

I also let a little success go to my head way too quickly in ring games. Slow and steady will win the day, and I need to exercise more patience. It's been way too tempting to play the higher stakes with the milestone hands giving me a shot at basically doubling my bankroll once every 20-30 minutes. Gotta keep it tight.

<sposed to be a graph of my bankroll shooting upwards here, but importing from photobucket only gives me a broken link graphic. Any suggestions?>