So bankroll managemement project is running along mostly according to the rules. I was stuck in the under dollar tournaments for a few weeks but a couple good showings bumped me up into the $3-4 range just in time to join some of the micromillions tournaments. Little disappointed that the micromillions stats don't actually seem to represent what happened since at least two tourneys obviously didn't get included in them.

With no impressive showings in any of them in a bit of frustration on the final day I joined the 3.30 (1R!A) Omaha H/L which admittedly was way above what I am really allowed to risk on any one tournament as I was committed to rebuying and adding on as soon as I joined. The worst (or best?) part is that I actually did pretty well, more than doubling the current bankroll. This is just the sort of positive reinforcement I don't need, and that got me into trouble playing above what my bankroll would allow when I tried this a few years ago.

So my problem now seems to be that my end game is lacking. I'm cashing in around 35% of the tournaments I play, which isn't bad I guess, though of course it's going to be easier to do well in the lower rate games with all the people just fooling around with their pennies. But despite a few final table appearances I have yet to score a total win. I guess the people who've managed to stick it out to the final table aren't fooling around so much anymore.

Had saved a bunch of notes on the old iphone but it crapped itself so I don't have the hands to note specifically but...

I'm feeling like my problem is a lack of agression prefiop. Limping in or calling raises with marginal hands in the hope that I'll hit something and then having to fold to any agressor post flop. Obviously, there's no way they've hit something on the flop every time they've bet, so I should be taking that initiative to show strength early and bet or raise them out on the flop despite me not having hit.

Now I just have to make a couple good showings in the last few days of the month to hold on to my premier league action and it will have been a pretty good month. Bankroll up by more than 5300% for the month. If I can keep this pace up, I should be a millionaire by Valentines.