(My other post that I tried to put up last month but was denied because of the japanese and the fact that I called out some players by name, reposting now)

I hate to be a whiner about a service I'm getting for free. There's a lot of really cool stuff about the pokerschool system, but something needs to be done about the stalling.


It seemed pretty lame when I was in the open league last month but I thought it would be better in the premier league. So I was surprised to find that the problem is even worse in the premier league. Until something makes people stop using this tactic, I think the leagues need to be renamed, Open Stall and Premier Stall Leagues. 

There are some players who simply time out every single hand as a matter of course. When I got to the last two tables of a premier league tourney on Sunday (October 26), three players (XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXX, names redacted to protect the guilty) wasted a half an hour timing out EVERY SINGLE hand. Seriously, the chat area was the message for the three of them that they had 10 more seconds and the result of the hand, every hand for half an hour. Thank god I was out to dinner so could stay distracted and it wasn't a total waste of time.

This morning I was at the same table as XXXXXXXX again and he was using the same MO again, at the beginning of the tournament this time! And I guess it's a fairly effective strategy as he seems poised to finish in the top 20 for this month.

I'm guessing that this is not the first time this issue has been raised as there is a point in the league info somewhere about how the action time has been shortened from 19 to 12 seconds. However, it's still not enough. There needs to be a way to make the available action time a function of the amount of time players have been using in previous hands. I don't think this would be that hard. The software could simply add a variable that averages a player's action time for the last 10-20 hands and then subtracts it from the normally available time. As a player takes more time to act, their available time to act, continues decreasing. If at any time they want more action time they need only speed up their action time and the available time will begin to increase again.

That seems to me the most elegant solution. And I think it would also be applicable to the rest of the tourneys on pokerstars, not just the skill leagues. Stalling becomes an issue for any tournament as players near the bubble and it really takes away from the game. it's neither fun, nor is it part of poker.