It's probably unrealistic to hope that we can all just get along nicely, while playing poker. Some hands are bound to create a lot of emotion and of course there is money involved as well. And compared to some other online pastimes, the tone in your average pokerstars game is about as civil as it can get. If you don't believe me, try playing a League of Legends . After some time spent in that game you don't even blink when something like "I hope you/one of your relatives gets cancer" pops up in the chat. Not to mention that nobody would instruct an unskilled player to uninstall the client in poker . Granted the average age of the LoL community is probably around 16, if not lower. Not to mention that the chat moderators on pokerstars seem to show up in a matter of minutes, once you file a report.


Still sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what the other guy is thinking. I mean, I can understand when someone is upset about getting his all-in cracked by some ridiculously loose call and utters something like "Lucky donk". I wouldn't (at least not in chat ) and he shouldn't, but whatever. Still today I had an encounter which left me somewhat confused:

It's 2nl Zoom, I get pocket Aces and there are even a raiser and a caller in front of me, it's only a min-raise but I'll take what I can get. I 3-bet and they both tag along. The flop looks pretty decent: If one of them has a set or  I will pay them off, but I can get some value from any ,  maybe a  and some draws, like  or . I make a c-bet, which could probably be somewhat larger and one villain calls.

The turn brings another  which doesn't really change much, besides adding a  heart flush draw to the list of hands which can give me some more value. Now the villain leads out for $0.12 into the $1.24 pot. This is either a block bet or he's trying to induce.  I already said that I will pay off a set or a straight and he has only $0.37 behind, so it's time to put him all-in. I could try calling and getting some more value on the river, but letting him see another card for about 10c feels a little cheap and is way to good a price for any of the potential draws out there. Long story short, I put him all-in and he folds.

Pretty straightforward hand. What am I getting confused about? Before he folded he called me an idiot. Now as I said, I am not that easily offended by verbal diarrhea on the net, idiot doesn't even count and is certainly not worth a report. But I am left asking myself:


Is this guy just annoyed that he didn't get to see another card cheaply? Is he annoyed that I  made him fold something like  or ? Is he thinking that it would be a better play to let him see the river and elicit some value there? He's playing 71/43, he probably doesn't think much. Maybe he doesn't realize that my shove is effectively a half pot bet, with his remaining stack.

I'll probably never know. I probably shouldn't even care, but for some reason I do.