I think what has helped me make it further into tournaments this month has been being content to no be chip lead, but realizing all you really need to do is collect blinds here and there to "pay" for your hands.  You'll eventually get the cards to do more, or the position to steal blinds.  If you don't have a made, or an easily make-able hand, don't bother, especially if you have the chip stack to wait with, the less you have, the more desparate you become, and you try forcing hands, which sometimes works.  One of the few times i've been able to take my broke self to the local casino poker room, i heard a great quote:  "Questionable hands are like a stop sign out in the country.  You can come to a stop everytime, and everytime there'll be nobody else coming.  The one time you decide not to stop, you'll be hit by a semi" 

And if your gonna bluff, read the board and your opponent, if you make a bet that only the Nuts of a hand would call, and your opponent calls....stop bluffing. it's hard to do, especially if you have a lot of your chips in the pot.  Hard lessons