I started my PSO tournament life on Christmas Eve '10.   Man was that an awakening.  I faired my own for a few tournaments, but ended up December with 1479.85 in points and topped out at 80th as my best finish, and only cash for the month.

The new year came, a new start. Great!  Or so i thought.  After the 10am est on Jan.5th i was down to 1422.  Terrible start.  Some bad calls and some bad beats.  So I read the SNG Course on the PSO site.  What a difference.  I adopted a new strategy, and it's worked.  Somewhere around the 12th of this month, i really found a grove, most of the time.  After the 15:00 est today, 1/20, i'm sitting at 1705.22  may go up or down the rest of the day.  And on the 14th i made my first final table and took 8th.  The 17th i took a first, and on the 18th i took a 2nd.

What I haven't been able to do yet is make a success in other tournaments regularly yet.  I don't like sounding like a big complainer, but I get 'donked' in those quite a bit.  gets frustrating.  Anyone have tips for surviving, say, the astrology freeroll without getting donked?