Salutations from your absentee trainer! 

I hope you all have been well. I hope some of you enjoyed the MTT Win Hand History Review I did last month here at PSO. I have another class scheduled in December where we are going to go through more hands from that tournament. As the title suggests, I end up winning it. 

If you've visited the Full Tilt Blog recently, you may have noticed some changes the past month or so. 

If you've never had the Full Tilt Blog in your internet reading routine or it lost its place in that, I would strongly advise you to give us another shot. Someone, somewhere, was foolhardy enough to put me (I know!) in charge of content. And boy, we have  a lot of it, and it is a sea change (a big change) from the past content. I am trying to put out fun content for you guys, basically, under the philosophy that seeking forgiveness is easier than permission. 

First, the blog is going to be interactive. We're on twitter @FullTiltPoker and of course I am @GarethChantler. But besides that we have Disqus now enabled, so you can comment on posts from your twitter, facebook, wordpress, or disqus account (I think there might be more options than that). To borrow a much made-fun-of phrase, join the conversation! That's what comments are for.

Right now I am producing a weekly webshow called Hitting the Jackpot. There are a few elements to the show: giveaways, interviews, and silliness. I think that about covers it.

Basically every episode me or the show's guest will be playing Jackpot Sit and Goes while we carry on a conversation about just about anything under the sun. Then there will be a trivia question each week that rewards cash to the first person to answer and jackpot sit and go tickets to the quickest 5 people (more to be added later, I'm sure) to get it. I hope these prizes will expand in number and size as we get moving. I can't say I am going to be the greatest host, bringing you high quality studio video with Jason Sommerville esque skills. But I am going to do my best and bring a little Garethness (mostly because we are shooting these things without any preparation whatsoever!) and I am going to be shooting episodes around the world, and having all manner of interesting guests. 

If you are into strategy, I just did some posts on Six-Card Omaha strategy, also with accompanying video. Six-Card is a great game and well worth checking out. We're giving away freeroll tickets there too, by the way. 

We will still be running interviews with interesting players as well as doing some recap final table shows of FTOPS final tables etc. For example I just did a video interview with Ryan Van Sanford, who just won a World Poker Tour Event for over $400,000

And of course I keep a committment to long-form poker story telling. I have written an installment of Borderline Gambling (Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic) that's up on the blog now in two parts and I have reached out and gotten submissions from various other poker writers/voices so that the blog will have all kinds of flavour going forward. 

I want the blog to be interactive, multi-media rich, social media friendly, and basically, fun and interesting. Poker is fun and interesting and I am going to ride with that.

If you feel that ride should be off into the sunset of formerly employed as Head of Blogging at Full Tilt, then don't visit . But if you like the idea of me giving away Jackpot SNG tickets, freeroll tickets, and producing a ton of the kind of content that you see above, and getting better at doing it, do me a favour, come on over, leave a comment, tweet or share an article, and just have a good time. 

If something isn't right in the world of the blog, you guys know how to find me. The transformation is only beginning