Hi Guys


Having traveled a lot the first three months of the year, and taking 6 weeks off online poker to play in the WSOP, I came into September a bit off SuperNova pace. 

Hoping to make up ground I ended the month with 13,000 VPPs. 



If I keep this pace for the last three months of the year I will finish with 39k more VPPs putting my year total at over 105k. So I only need to maintain a 11k/month pace from here on out. I am hoping to increase my volume in October as I have moved up to 50nl and should have the same amount of time available to play. I want to make sure I start December without a ton of pressure, because pressure to put in big volume is a good recipe for playing terrible. 

Will I make it by year's end? Or fall tragically short like I did last year?