Hey Guys!

I can't really figure out how to post pictures in this blog right now, it is being a bit uncooperative. But here is a link to my September results so far 



That should work fine. Wish I could post it in here, maybe next time. As you can see I am doing well at 25nl hold'em but not so well at 10 PLO. I just started learning/playing PLO and it is pretty tough. I don't know anything! I have been getting in a lot of volume considering I've played 55k hands of 25nl 6m in just over 2 weeks so I am quite happy with that.  

For those of you in training today I am pretty tilted with myself. I could have been a hero with QQ on QT2r,8,T and just flat called a big 50bb river lead from a player who basically only has quads in his calling range versus a raise. But I raised nonetheless and got stacked. It would have been so awesome to catch that flat call/read on camera but I didn't pull the trigger! Apart from that I think training has gone really well. Aside from the last hand I played really well at 25nl zoom today and got to show members some of the adjustments I am making to different players and reads I am making. Hopefully that gives people who want to move up eventually an idea of how to beat these "readless" games -- that aren't so readless.

So here is to not raising the second nuts,  Gareth