Has anybody else had a bad streak of getting lousy cards that has continued on for over two months? Its enough to make you want to quit, but I know it has to turn around sometime.
   I constantly have games where I sit and sit waiting for a good opening hand only to have them never improve with the cards in the middle. Its like I'm in a poker game trying to win and they are dealing me "Uno" cards from a different deck. I'm not a wild or aggressive player by any means, I try to be very conservative, tight, and under control.
   So far this month I've had five games where I didn't win a single hand, one where I won 1 out of 39 hands, and one where I won 2 out of 48 hands. Heres an example of how things went in my last game.
     My first 49 hands I folded, I saw only one flop from BB with Q5  do to raises.
     My best starting hands during that time were KJ off suit, QJ suited, Q10 off suit, and A9 off suit.
     Never played any because of big raises ahead of me that would have required an allmost all in, and
     none of my previous 49 hands that I folded ever showed inprovement on the table like they might 
     have won if I had played them.
     50th hand got AK suited and faced 600 chip bet from big stack, went all in with my last 750 and was
     called with big stacks pocket 99s. Flop helped with a K and gave me the first relief of the game but 
     was short lived when a 9 came on the turn and out I go.

   I'm not hollering about "BAD BEATS", I'm saying they are the big stacks cause they're catching cards and hardly can do no wrong. I know, I've been there on a few occasions, I'm just on a bad streak, and would challenge anyone else to do better with the cards l've been getting.


                  Sure could use some incouragement
                                                                           gar ofmargar