1st ever blog
 I've got a running problem, I'm not getting good cards. Its been going on now for over two months. My cards no matter how good of a starting hand I get don't get any help from the cards in the middle. Almost have to have something pat in my hand to win like AA or KK. AK to me has been like 8/3, almost a sure losser. I've had games were I win 1 hand in 30 average then hit a streak of winning 4 of 10 then back lossing just catching a occasional small double up.
   Nobody talks about how much luck is involved in the game, everybody is too busy talking about their "Bad Beats." They don't think about the big stacks are big because the big stacks are catching the cards, they think its a bad beat or a suck out if the big stack wins. I use to be the same, thinking that Poker Stars favored the big stack in some way in their software.
   Luck of the cards plays a lot bigger role than most give it credit. Luck may come early, (youv'e seen it with the donks early in the game) if your lucky it might be spread out over your intire game, or if your really lucky it  will let you stay in the game and bless you right at the end when you need it the most. Case in point; last month in one of the PSO freerolls I had just one of those blessed games. Didn't seem like it for usuall longest time scrapping bye, but at hand 158 I won one then a Royal Flush and it keept going, I won 29 of the last 66 hands and came in first place, $2.41 winner and 91 points.
   Try to hang in there and keep your nerves under control, you never know when luck will change. Use it when you get it and do the best you can till it comes back.
   Like to hear other thoughts on this.

                                                                                            gar ofmargar