Yes! I finally won a qualifier! I've been trying for 3 months now. Oh, I ve had plenty of money finishes, even lots of final tables, but never a win. Does it ever feel good. Yeah, the 19.xx$ first place is a much needed bankroll boost, but the feeling of first is nice. Am i boasting? Sure, and it feels good. I am now ranked 15th in the qualifier league, sweet. I sent myself the tournament hand history, I'll try to pick a few key hands which led to my victory and post them, as soon as I figure out how...


     In other tourneys, today was a successas well. I finished in the top 9 and qualified for the PCA tourney later on this month, plus I'm still in the 0.25 10pm est tourney and I'm well into the money, hopefully I'll boost my bankroll even more.

     You know what led to this success? The PSO trainings offered by our wonderful trainers and hand evaluators. Cheers to GarethC23, ArtySmokesPS, ahar010, TheLangolier, xflixx, Chewme1, frosty012, and any other wonderful people I have learned from. Thanks again.


Here are the hands in which I won most of my chips and the last few of the final table. I hope you enjoy, I sure did.