I just started this on what the 29th of the month, I think I'll create one of these monthly so I can track my progress.

     After a lengthy absence from poker, I signed on to Pokerstars to find 7.xx$ and a couple hundred FPP's. I browsed around the tourneys for a while and came across the online pokerschool tournaments. "Excellent!" I thought and tried to sign in, only to find out that I must be a member of the Pokerschool. I signed up and took the poker assesment. I passed. So after taking a few of the courses last month and browsing the info. I discovered the Premier League. "That's where I want to be", I thought. 

     I discovered to get in I must place in the top 500 in the open leaugue, which without much patience seemed difficult, too may bingo (All-in) players. Then, I discovered the qualifiers. The play was a lot tighter, it reminded me of real money play, probably  because of the real money buy-in ;o).

    After the rest of the month I found myself in 15th place in the qualifier league, with the top 200 moving on to the premier league I thought, "I'm in, I just need to figure out this VPP business". I read up on it then "Zoomed" until I had more than enough.

     The Premier league this month was an eye opener. I quickly thought, "Wow! I'm outclassed." The first three tournaments put me well back in the standings. I went out with AA then KK in another tournament. After the third I buckled down and reread the "Tips for Success". in the next tournament I just made the money which is no small feat, four hours later. 

     I played lots this month and took some notes, got lots of experience, and found out who's who. A few times, I went out to this certain someone. After I got robbed with my money in good against this guy in two separate tournaments, I checked his stats...last place in the monthly standings! A re-evaluation took place. I seem to be adjusting constantly, getting better. As of now, the 29th, I'm in 444th, so I'll be here next month with 150 VPP instead of 20. I'll be shooting for the top 79 at least, hopefully better.

      I often find myself playing against the same people later on in the tournaments, which is a good sign, because after I checked their standings, I 'm among the leaders. That reminds me of the cash tables before the local casino opened always sitting with the same people at the end of the night wondering how I won all night, but am only ahead so little, getting "raked into the tube", as i read in Phil Hellmuth's book, Playing Poker Like the Pros". 

Updates to come,