Poker players have good acting skills, that is known khaleesi.

So what if we combined the two worlds to create a new one?

What if Game of Thrones was made by poker players?

             Chris Moneymaker                      Samwell Tarly

The reason why the online poker boom happened could have easily been a man of the night's watch on his early days. I don't expect much of either in a battle though.


            Scott Clements                       Jon Snow

WSOP bracelet winner Scott Clements probably knows where to put it (the bracelet).


       Christophe de meulder                      Robb Stark

Team Pokerstars online member is hopefully better at declining awkward wedding invitations.  


           Allen Cuningham                      Stannis Baratheon

WSOP beast Cuningham is quite good at hiding his emotions. The same should be said about the rightful king Stannis, who is fond of burning things (usually people) without caring much.


               Brian Rast                       Petyr Baelish 

Chaos is a ladder, the WSOP final table is a ladder as well.


          Justin Bonomo                  Jojen Reed

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Both have a talent at seeing things, also both look like they are 12.


       Tatiana Barausova                   Daenerys Targaryen

Wouldn't mess with either, especially with MystersY online, who cares about dragons when someone can read your soul? 


            George Lind                                   Lord Varys 

The lack of hair may have played a big role on this one to be honest. 


            Viktor Blom                         Joffrey "Baratheon"

Isildur could easily play the role of the villain, ask anyone who played him HU and at their Hand Histories he will surely be named as villain.


         Steve O'Dwyer                               Eddard Stark

At least people get bounties for O'Dwyer's head.


                 Dario Minieri                              Arya Stark

Teenagers these days...


               Tony  Gregg                                   Grey Worm

One of them has the balls.


                   David Williams                   Hizdahr zo Loraq

Pokerstars pro can easily be the dude whose name should be put on spelling contests.


                Hevad Khan                               Khal Drogo

A khal who can't drink red bulls is no khal. Also how do you say bulldozer in dothraki?


Hope you enjoyed it, Good Game and Valar Morghulis everyone.