Warning: This guide is only created for gamblers. It is not reccomended for bankroll nits, people who don't get sarcasm, or for those who actually care about money. 

5 tips on how to be a bankroll gambler

 Are you bored of being told what level of games to play? Do you get a stomach ache whenever you hear the term Bankroll Managment? Do you have a superiority complex and think that you can beat every poker player ever existed? 

In that case you have the perfect mentality for being a poker degen.

Me as a bankroll gambler, I have enough experience on the subject of Anti-BR and I can teach you the basics of what Gamblers Anonymous doesn't want you to know. 

So let's get to the point and transform you from Randy Lew the BR nit, to Randy the guy who sold his house in order to play the high roller and nobody knows his last name because he is broke.

5. Play games that are exactly equal with your BR

 Let's say it's just a normal day and you want to put your whole BR on the table.

You have 216.13$ left and you choose to play the sunday million which is 215$, is that okay?

Absolutely not you noob!

You have to be sure that you put the 1.13$ on the table as well, because nobody wants to play a 1.10$ tournament and a 0.02$ sng after just busting the sunday million.

4. Always play that game if you are feeling it

 You can be woken up for 36 hours, got attacked by a bear, your city was hit by a sharknado , or you just had a stroke, but if you are feeling it, you have to play poker because you will win 100%.

Only requirement for this tip is being physically alive.

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Don't worry nurse, he can still grind some sunday donkaments!

3. Shove any two after you get tilted

 You just got rivered by a 1-outer at your cash table that you were having a shot, and now you are feeling really mad at your luck, so what do you do the very next hands?

You obviously have to shove any two 100BBs+ deep, because your range is highly balanced and your play is unexploitable.

Worst case scenario you get almost 10% equity, that's good enough for me.

2. Have a credit card near you every time


 Can you remember how bad you felt the last time you lost your BR and couldn't play any games anymore?

Well if you had your credit card near you that wouldn't be an isssue.

So what if your personal debt is higher than your country's GDP? If you want to play poker, you have to play poker.

We will just ignore the bank's phonecalls for a year and we will be all right.

1. The roulette rule

 If you lose a buy in, double the stakes to win it back.
Although many math nerds critisize this very successful rule, saying things like it's hugely -EV on the long run because your BR is never big enough to counter the variance and etc.

But what do these 30 year old virgins know?

There is no way I will bust my Bankroll because that's what I did last time and now things are different!