Warning: The following blog post may offend you in a lot of different ways and it may cause you nausea and a tilt deja vu. 


The 5 most tilt-inducing villains

In the game called poker, we all get tilted from time to time for various reasons. One of those reasons is our poker opponents, or villains if you prefer.

Let's find out who are the most annoying, tilt-inducing villains:

5. Mass-tabling time bank consumers





Elky playing more tables simultaneously than a restaurant can manage to serve.

If you are playing more than 2 tables you probably won't notice or care much about this category of villains. But if you are playing only 1 table, you will get extremely annoyed by the time that they consume to take a decision.

Don't get me wrong here, if you compare them to the live poker players, the mass-tabling villains are quicker than Flash the superhero.

The problem is that if I am a new player, playing 1 table and having to wait 20 seconds for each villain to fold preflop, chances are I will not be so excited to play again.

4. Disconnection ninja assassins






They execute people mostly on hu-sng's, although they are everywhere, and a lot of cash games have their fair share of those ninjas.

What do they do?

They usually behave normally like the rest of the poker players, but when the perfect time arrives and you get disconnected, the ninjas will make sure to get the pot as fast as possible by raising.

If someone could track their time, the world guinness record book would have a special page in honour of the speedy gonzalez mouse clickers.

If you never played against disconnection ninjas before, your first encounter with them will not be so fun.

3. Bum hunters

If you prefer playing poker with other villains, then you probably don't like the bum hunters.

Although big part of the heads up community in the last years, slowly progressing into the high stakes 6-max, but slowly declining due to new gaming rules.

Bum hunters will play a session versus someone who they think is a fish or a potential new fish. Making it impossible for the regs to play agaisnt them for more than 3 hands.

If you just want some action and you are somehow profitable, bum hunters will make sitting out their second avatar and destroy your good mood by giving you a lovely tilt.

2. Slowrollers and proud bluffers

If there is something worse than bad etiquette in poker, it definitely should be slowrolling.

Slowrollers act like they have a weak hand, will let you get ready to stack the chips and they will smack the best hand in the table, while making some of the lamest faces a human can make.

Thankfully slowrollers don't exist in online poker, but proud bluffers do.

If you thought that the homosexual community is the proudest community out there, you are terribly wrong.

The proud bluffers are so excited that they bluffed someone, that it doesn't even matter if they can't show the hand, they will share it with you by typing it on the chat box.

Proud bluffers probably have a Jamie Gold poster on their room, and believe that whenever they bluff someone, they make them fold the second nuts.









Proud bluffers forget the fact that people may have worse equity hands on the river, and also the amount of information that they give to thinking villains.

1. The emoticon villains





If your poker immune system is tilt-free, this category of villains will make sure to put you on tons of untilting medication.

So let's say you just got a huge bad beat and you somehow still didn't get affected by it. 

Well in that case the emoticon villain will make sure to tilt the hell out of you, usually just by an innocent but incredibly annoying emoticon reply.

It could be a ''thumb up'' or just a typical smily face  but the tilt will grow inside you like a volcano ready to explode. 

The emoticon villains will make ****** look like a misunderstood guy for a decent amount of time.

They can also make Jared Tendler burn his book about poker tilt.

Hopefully you will never have them as your villains, because the biggest tilt prize pool will await you. 

That's all for now ladies and gentlemen.