Hello all again! As you may already know I am GamblingProp, and this is the first week since my first blog post. This week was pretty exciting, since Wbcoop tournaments started and I won my first 5.5$ ticket! 

 That ticket can be used in Micromillions tourneys with the same buy in (which will start on March 14), until that to happen though, I will grind some more Wbcoop's which have a rather small field and its fairly easy to win if you have luck with your side (no luck there): http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/2287514_A393C6AFB6 http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/2287548_6D8B99C85E 

 Bankroll is 0$ so far but I hope we change that as time passes. I will also try my best at Pso Open Skill League. That is pretty much it, thanks for reading this and good luck at everything! (I will need it some of it now Hee Haw!)