Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am GamblingProp at Pokerstars and this blog is going to be mainly about poker, and my goal on being the most succesfull poker player in Albania (easy task) and maybe in Balkans (extremely hard task especially with all of the online pros). My background story in poker is pretty short because I have been playing only for 1 year and it has been mainly freerolls and some crazy bankroll spewaments with the winnings. My best achievement so far has been reaching 30$ from 0$, which is like working 8 hours on any solid job, but I managed doing it in only 2 months, LIKE A BOSS! That can be kinda embarrising for most of the people but not for me, because every cent that I make from online poker brings a smile on my face.  Also by not depositing any money gives me a feeling of playing with play money (until I lose that money).                                                                         





When it comes to online poker I have tryied a lot of game types in various sites, but NLHE Tournaments and Sit 'n Go's on Pokerstars are definitely my favourites. The excitment that they give, combined with the luck and the skill needed for those can't ever leave you bored. Here I also need to state that I am atleast a donk compared to regular players, but by being extra superb nit (playing only monster hands), I won some of those. The thing with poker though, is that you can improve every second and hopefully, I will. I like to watch a lot of free training videos that can be found almost everywhere, which helped me on becoming somehow decent at poker. I am recommending also poker forums where you can discuss about hands strategy and a lot other interesting poker related stuff. I would say that if you are playing on pokerstars registering in pokerschoolonline and attending on live trainings there will improve your understanding on basic concepts. I have done that and it did helped me a lot (even if that sounds like a telemarketing ad). Learning is everything when it comes to improving and I find it crucial to learn some more every day.

 My first goal of this year is going to be winning some SCOOP tickets on the WBCOOP 2013 special tournaments that will run on Pokerstars. That could give me a chance on playing with some of the best online players over there. SCOOP is a tournament series that includes a lot of big prize pool tournaments, so even participating would mean a lot. Fingers crossed, horseshoe ready and big money here I come! Playing the SCOOP main event or any NLHE PLO would be great. So this is pretty much everything, hope I didn't waste your time much. I wanted to thank you for reading this (my english isn't splendid as you could see), and I would like to wish you good luck all. I also would like to answer to all of your comments if you have any.