It has been a really great month for me!  I have had lots of time to devote to learning more about Texas Hold Em and it has really paid off!  I played in my first multi-table tournament and was fortunate enough to be in position to play a PSO Pro- a Canadian like myself, who I had just watched play a tournament on TV the night before.  I was able to win 3 hands against him and with the rebuy option he was able to rebuy and stay in.  It was great fun, until I was abruptly switched to another table- grrrr I hate that!  Oh well, at least it ended well.  Sometimes it's best to leave while you're winning. 
So a few more sit and go's and a few more live training lessons and reading about the game and I tried a few more tournaments- learning so much!  Then it happened- a first place finish in a multi table tourney!  Received an 11$ entry to the 1000$ Monthly!  Wow!  Now if only I could master playing when it's my money at stake.  LOL  So much more to learn.