Started the day with $4.64. went to a $0.02/$0.05 cash table, with $4. got up to $11, and then got it all in with a full house. I was sure the other guy had a full house too, but i couldnt lay it down. I saved the hand, and If i can figure out how to upload it, I will. I feel ishould have folded, but didnt.

Anyway, with $0.64 left, I entered 3 tourneys. a 20FPP, a $0.02 990 man, and a $0.10 360 man. I cashed in the 990, final tabled the 360, and am currently in the cash in the FPP tourney. good second half to the day.

I kind of want your opinions on the earlier hand. How do I upload it here?

Went out in the FPP with $0.40, pocket sixes on a 225 board. got put all in. called, he flipped a A3, 4 came on the turn.