Hi all. As its the first post, I thought i would introduce myself a little. Im 26 and trying to break into movies. As such, I work in a pub 5 times a week, and do film stuff in my spare time. THis unfortunatley leaves little time for poker, as my better half doesnt really approve. I tend to play when she isnt here. I have recently started playing in a pub league on a weekly basis, and really enjoy playing live.

Online, I tend to deposit £10 and play SnG's until its gone. In single table SnG's, i have quite a good record, but i am pretty useless at MTT's, which is where i would like to improve.

Now, onto the topic of my first post, my Love/hate relationship with poker.

I love poker -

I was at the pub last night to play poker. Normally we get about 13-15 players, but last night there were only 5. We doubled the normal stacks, and played winner takes all. It was a good fun game, nobody played stupid poker, and i suppose im slightly biased because I came out on top. But like i say, single table tourneys are my forte. I did have a couple of bad beats, got rivered a couple of times, but then I did the same to others, so it evened itslef out. I was most proud of the fact that perhaps for the first time ever, I was able to bluff convincingly on more than one occasion. normally i get called.

I hate poker -

I came home from that game, still feeling lucky, and decided to play the $0.50 satellite to the red spade open. When i joined there were 73 players and 2 seats guaranteed. By the time the add-on came round there were still 70 players, but there were 9 seats.

I had played good poker i think, building a big stack, and had consistantly been in the top 5. However, i had seen players buy in time and time and time again. They must have spent over $10 to stay in. I couldnt understand it when they kept buying in even though the BB was the size of their stack. It got to the point (after the add on break) that people stopped playing poker, and started either folding or going all in. There was no middle ground. I found this very very frustrating. I had played good poker for almost 2 hours and now found myslef unable to play hands. It wasnt much fun, and had turned into a coin toss. I suppose this was encouraged by the face that it was 3x turbo, but it was annoying. I eventually busted out in 15th, seeing my AQ suited called all in by a A9 off. and a 9 turned up on the river. I went to bed a very unhappy bunny.

I am determined to learn to succeed at MTT's. I find them the most fun to play. Just need to watch the videos and stuff on here i suppose.