pokerstars might be the strongest poker site in the world but for me, its where things are becoming very weird, seing players time and time again winnig with rags, for example yesterday of roughly 3000 hands i was delivered 3 pocket aces 4 pocket  kings and some queens i ve lost them all


not one, yes not one i ve win. but its doesnt end here, today at the 3rd hand i receive pocket kings

from utg, get called by the on my left , the flop comes with Ad 2h and 7h i bet half the pot just to see what does this guy is going to do, response to my bet he goes all in, i and i think this is weird i prob has 2 hearts and of course i put all in as well this guys shows 9h 3h turn Qh and another ace  and ive lost 10$,  but things dont stop here yesterday i see a guy receive pockets kings 3 times in a row and those 3 times he lost it all to pocket medium pairs hitting a set against the same guy. this is not normal, the prob of this happening is ridicouls low, but that shit is nothing its just the tip of the iceberg, im considering quiting this site because thins like this are normal and raise suspicion


and so the last 15000 hands ive lost pot after pot after pot to this kind of stuff and of course wtih me nothing... ive just receive loads of shit, day 7 march i was 800 hands( yes 800 hands) waiting on somtehing bigger than 10s not one high pocket pair. well again this is not normal and guess what happen when finally i get pocket aces yes i lost to queens but the weird part is that not once i ve lost to serious players always to fish.

lets analyze AK off and suited you would think that in more than 15000 hands you would win something well not me lost more than 300 big blind AQ lost money AJ same shit

Well maybe im not playng them rigth its possible but in the past it was not the case